Standard Coaching


What this package includes:

  • Expert Consultation: Let’s talk goals. I’ll set a plan that aligns with your aspirations.
  • Nutrition Plan: Fuel your success. I’ll map your eating to your dietary needs.
  • Personalized Workout Plan: Sculpt your future. I’ll craft workouts to your specific goals.
  • Weekly Check-ins: A touchpoint for triumph. Weekly milestones to keep you inspired.
  • Text/Email Correspondence: Reach out, I’m here. Expect replies within 1-2 business days.

All-Access 24/7 Coaching


What this package includes:

  • Targeted Goal Assessment: Unearth your potential with a personalized fitness roadmap. We start with you.
  • Dynamic Diet/Nutrition Plan: Don’t just eat; nourish. Your evolving nutrition guide adjusts as you grow.
  • Custom Grocery List: Healthy choices made easy. We’ll help you navigate the supermarket maze.
  • Adaptive Workout Plan: Not one-size-fits-all. Your fitness plan evolves with your progress.
  • Weekly Wellness Check-ins: Consistent support to keep you on track. We’re invested in your journey.
  • Daily Assistance: Questions? Issues? We’re here. We’ve got your back, every day.
  • Unlimited Mobile/Email Communication: Get swift, knowledgeable answers. Anytime you need them.

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